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3 Reasons To Grow Hay On Your Farm

Even though you might grow a lot of other things on your farm, one thing that you might not grow is hay. This might not be a top priority for you when it comes to choosing and planting crops, but growing hay is a good idea if you have the acreage to do it. Here's why.

1. You Can Use It to Feed Your Own Animals

First of all, if you have your own cows, horses, or other animals, then you might already spend a lot of money on hay so that you can feed all of your livestock. Growing your own hay will help you save a significant amount of money on hay costs. Plus, you don't have to worry about finding a supplier, and you can store enough of your own hay to avoid running out during the winter, when it can sometimes be difficult to find hay to buy. Lastly, you can make sure that the hay that you grow is of the type and quality that you prefer, allowing you to take better control over what you are feeding your livestock. You can even grow organic hay if that is what you prefer.

2. You Can Sell It to Others in the Community

Another good thing about growing hay on your farm is that it can give you one more way to make money from your land. If there are a lot of people in your area who own livestock, then there might be a big market for hay. If you become known for growing high-quality hay and if you sell it for affordable prices, then selling hay to others in your community might be more profitable than you realize. Plus, the people in your community are sure to appreciate the service, particularly if there is a shortage of good hay suppliers in your area.

3. You Can Buy Equipment to Make It Easier

You might have heard that growing, harvesting, and baling hay can be a challenge when compared to growing other things on your farm. If you're ready to take on a little bit of a challenge, though, you should know that there is special equipment that can help make growing hay a lot easier. For example, baling equipment will make it easy for you to create square or round bales of hay that are ready to be used or sold. There are different attachments for different tractors, but you should be able to find equipment that will help you grow hay on your own farm.

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